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Help please--What color/s would you choose for our coastal home?

2 months ago

I sure would appreciate some help choosing our next exterior paint colors on our south-facing Texas coastal home.

Currently, our exterior paint colors are: SW Oyster Bar (body), SW Green Earth (trim), SW Extra White (doors, porch), and our windows are white (not painted). These are the colors that were here when we purchased the home.

Soon, it will be time to paint and I think I might want to change colors--but it's a rather challenging decision for me. Not only is it hard to figure out the colors but I'm not even sure whether I should go with two colors (body color plus Extra White) or three colors. And, if I go with three colors, where exactly to put them!

Some coastal homes lend themselves to white edge pieces on the corners. About half of the ones in my neighborhood are painted that way. Some also have accent colors. Ours has color around the windows and doors but would it look better if that trim was just white to blend with our windows and doors? (BTW, I've spent a lot of time with the paint visualizers on Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore but I am not getting very good visuals from them.)

Earlier, I removed the shutters from the lower floor because they were too skinny and there isn't sufficient room to add shutters on the front porch that are large enough to look good. We could do better, larger shutters on the three upper windows, though, if that would be good. Or, we could have them removed as well. I really love Bahama shutters but, unfortunately, they won't work on my house.

We live in a small neighborhood with only 14 houses. Our house looks bigger than it actually is, plus it is in a prominent position on the street. I think I would prefer an understated color (or colors) with Extra White trim. Maybe a warmish gray that plays a bit on the tan side like Accessible Gray, Mindful Gray, Aloof Gray, or Repose Gray. Or, maybe a light bluish-green shade like Rainwashed. We have Rainwashed on some of our main interior walls, it's fairly neutral, and we like it a lot. Would it be weird to have it on the outside too? Or, maybe one of you has a better color idea for me.

BTW, our immediate neighbors have these color combinations: SW Breezy, Gray Shingle, and Extra White; SW Pure White and Indigo Batik; Comfort Gray, Retreat, and Extra White.

Interior pictures showing some of our Rainwashed walls:

(P.S. I definitely have things I will be changing inside too but that's for another day.)

Thank you for your help!!!

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