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Tile or LVT accent in foyer, with LVP surround

2 months ago

Working on flooring selections for a new home build. We'll have wood look LVP on the first floor, and my fiancee likes the idea of doing a nice, colorful, tile for the foyer. Builder said the issue is there would be a height transition with tile. Is that correct? I'd think that since this is a new build, they could make it so they're the same height....but I also don't know anything about doing flooring, so I'm just thinking out loud? Or maybe LVT would get us the same look without the height issue?

Floor plan is below, fiancee likes the idea of either doing sort of an accent "rug" kind of look, or having the tile in the foyer and partially into the hallway, both are marked in the picture below. I'm not convinced this is a good idea anyway - I'd prefer a good old fashioned rug in the foyer, but just making sure I'm exploring all options.

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