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Help deciding on replacement windows

Libby Mundy
2 months ago

I have a few quotes for replacement windows. I have listed them in order of quotes, cheapest to the highest. From the cheapest to the most expensive, it's about a $2200.00 differnce Any input would be appreciated.

Duke Windows is a local company that manufactures windows in NC (they are the cheapest)

U factor is .28

SHGC .21

VT .43

Air leakage .3

Wincore 7700

U Factor .26

SHGC .20

VT .46


U Factor .29

SHGC .20

VT .46

STC .30

Provia Endore (I have read that this window is better quality than the others.) . The SHGC is higher. Does that matter?

U Factor .23

SHG .25

VT .46

Air leakage .05

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