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Cornice board decision - buttons, welting, plain?

Cindy S
2 months ago
last modified: last month

I'm having three cornice boards recovered for two French doors and a window on the north wall in my open dining room/great room and would like help deciding on fabric, welting, buttons, tufting etc. I need them for sound absorption and they've already been picked up for reupholstering, so please don't tell me to do something else. The cornice boards they're replacing were really bold and colorful (I had a professional decorator suggest both the cornice boards and the fabric) but I'm ready for something a lot less bold. I'm thinking something that will blend in with the SW Accessible Beige on the walls with only texture, buttons, welt cord to stand out.

(I'll post the best 'before' picture I can find. I'm getting rid of the shades entirely but was thinking about sheers on either side of the window as that board extends past the window and the hardware is already in place for that.) I originally thought I wanted diamond tufting, but my fabricator is discouraging me from doing that as he says they'll be too puffy and the bottom will be somewhat scalloped from the extra 2" of foam he'll need to add. He mocked up a piece of foam for me and I understand what he's saying. So now I'm wondering do I just do buttons? Skip buttons and do a contrasting welt cord? We've recently refinished our hardwood floors, repainted and put new hearth tile and carpeting in and I haven't done anything yet to add color - pillows, etc. One step at a time. Any kind help with this cornice board dilemma would be greatly appreciated.

Some fabrics I'm considering...

Below are the OLD cornice boards...

I added a picture that includes the more than 12' ceilings... I know the big wall needs a large piece of art... that's for another post. It's very dreary today. Lights on or off it doesn't matter - my pictures aren't very bright. Sorry

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