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How to decorate the living room wall?

Ying Wang
11 months ago

Hello, I am looking for your help with the decoration of my living room wall.

We live in a townhouse in the San Francisco Bay Area. Real estate is very expensive, so we are hoping to maximize the usage of all spaces.

We used to have a sofa and two chairs in the living room, like below, with a round coffee table in the middle, and two ottomans on the side (not shown in the drawing).

However, we found that we almost never sat on the sofa. We decided to sell the sofa / coffee table and just left the two chairs in the living room. The two chairs are the Room & Board Wynton recliners, and we LOVE them!

Functionally, the living room works great for us. We like sitting on the chairs to read books or watch TV, and we finally have the space to do stretches which is very important to us.

My only issue is that the wall where the sofa was looks a bit empty. The paintings on the wall looked great above a sofa, but feel a bit out of place now that the sofa is gone.

I have thought about a few options, for example to put a bench or a sideboard against the wall, but feel like we really don't need anything there functionally, and we prefer to keep the room a bit empty for our stretching exercise.

What do you think? Can you advise us on how to decorate the wall? For example, if we change the paintings to a big one, will it solve the problem?

I attached a few photos for your reference! Thank you in advance!

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