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One or two furnaces requires?

2 months ago

We have a 2 storey above ground house plus basement that we are building. Basement: 1600sq ft, main: 1800sqf, second story: 1600sq ft.

We will have in floor radiant heat in the basement powered by a stand alone boiler.

My question is if we can use one or two furnaces for the forced air for the house? We live in Calgary AB Canada, so we will have some cold winters.

I was thinking if we had one large furnace t that was zoned it may work fine, with the radiant heat/boiler in the basement as a backup in case we have an issue with the furnace.

I am not worried about a furnace failure and then being cold for a few days while we get it fixed (radiant heat plus electric space heaters would hold the house good enough).


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