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I’m unsure what size area rug to put in my long living room

2 months ago

I have a slightly long living room (about 13’ by 20’) and I need to replace the current area rug. The rug there right now is 7’6” by 9’6”. I think it’s too small for the space; only the front two legs of the couch are resting on it right now, but if we pull it further under the couch, that leaves a weird strip of flooring exposed over by the window.

The fourth photo has the measuring tape extended to 14’. That seems like it would extend an awkward distance behind the chairs, though they could be pulled back a bit I guess. I also didn’t want the rug to end in the middle of that door away by the couch, so that corner of it didn’t create a tripping hazard in that walking path.

I’m thinking around a 9 x 12 might be the sweet spot. Right now we have some unused space behind the two chairs, but plan on filling with a credenza opposite the bookshelf. I was thinking of putting a second rug over there down the road, something that complements whatever what I’m about to buy. But maybe that would create a weird strip of flooring between the two rugs behind the chairs? I’m not committed to anything specific at this point, but looking for advice! Thank you very much.

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