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Help with orientation of 2 islands to replace 1 big island.

2 months ago

Hi everyone. I am renovating my kitchen and would like to replace my giant single island(76 inches by 115 inches) that is not very usable right now with 2 smaller islands. I think I have 2 options both with its pros and cons.

First 2 photos is my current kitchen layout. I’ve included some photos of what the layouts that I’m considering as well.

Option 1 is to keep the sink where it is and have the 2 islands be parallel to the fridge. This option I don’t have to move the sink, but if I want to have 2 36 inch depth islands I would run out of space in my kitchen.
I think it might look cramped.

Option 2 is to move the sink to be opposite the stove and have the islands be parallel to the stove. This option is more work and more expensive and I’ve heard that there might be traffic jam in the cooking area. But I think I can get more usable islands ie 2 42inch or 48inch depth islands without cramping the kitchen space.

I welcome any suggestions that you might have. These 2 options are just what I’ve come up with off the top of my head.

Thank you very much.

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