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Ducting OTR Microwave

Robert Brown
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Getting closer to the move in to the new house. Decided that we’re going to ventilate the Advantium Microwave above our GE Monogram to the outside.

Is it better to go straight up a longer distance out the roof (I’d be guessing here, but more than 15 feet, maybe 20?), or would it be better to go a foot up and then a 90* right turn ~10ft to the outside?

If possible should I transition the 3.5x10” rectangle duct to a 6” round duct immediately, or wait to transition either at the 90* turn or once I’m through the upper cabinet?

How does a contractor even install ductwork without tearing the walls out?

Finally, yes a range hood is of course better, but not possible, so instead of recirculating the microwave I’m at least taking some positive step to properly vent grease, odors, and other bad things out of my kitchen.

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