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Is this house painter too old school?

Tony P
2 months ago

I’ve been getting quotes for an exterior repaint on my stucco home. The current (old) paint job was very poorly done (I’m the new owner), and is very chalky.

I have three quotes that I’m looking at. My request for each was to use SW Emerald acrylic. One of the house painters, who’s been in the business 30+ years and is very highly regarded, spent quite some trying to convince me that SuperPaint was sufficient for my job, sprayed and then back rolled over a coat of Loxon sealer. He said Emerald would be a waste of money. He also does not use Elastomeric for cracks. He insists caulk is the better method.

Is this fellow just too old school? The other two places also spec’d out spray and back roll. One of them did not spec out any primer/sealer first, the other spec’d out Kilz primer/sealer. Both of these other two spec’d Elastomeric for the cracks.

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