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Tablecloth help

11 months ago
last modified: 11 months ago

I'm not necessarily a tablecloth gal. I usually only use them for holiday dinners. But I want to do a special project and I could use the collective knowledge of the hive.

For Passover this year we will have 23 people for the seder. We'll be missing some key members, but honestly, it feels like all the planets aligned for everyone to be here. With that in mind, I am planning on having everyone sign a tablecloth (spread on a table we won't be using) and then I am going to have someone embroider each signature, Probably in different colors, although the fussy in me would prefer a single or double color scheme. The woman who is going to help runs an embroidery business and I think everything will be done by computer.

I have ordered quilting pens that either wash out or disappear in air. I'll make sure everyone uses the wash out side. ETA: I will probably have a large heart shape in the center for the names to be enclosed. I don't want 23 names scattered over a huge tablecloth.

Does anyone have a good quality, super smoooth tablecloth to recommend? The picture below is from a google search. I'm thinking off white. I need to have it by April 7th.

Hoping for some help as I am super excited to do this.


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