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Henredon dining set

Melissa Ily
2 months ago

Hello! We got this dining room set on the side of the road for free. After I got it home and cleaned it, I found out it was stamped with Henredon Fine Furniture. I’m thinking it’s mid century because the stamp looks engraved.

The caning is in perfect condition. We put temporary seat covers on the chairs and plan on getting them reupholstered professionally. There are 7 chairs, 3 with arms, 4 without. I’m assuming it originally was meant for eight chairs. We don’t currently have the leaf in, so 6 chairs fit perfectly.

My only issue is whether or not we should keep or sell it. We have 4 children - three of them are young (3 year old boy and 2 year old twins). We are in a stage of life where our kids give out a lot of wear and tear on things, despite our attempts at preventing it 😊

I would hate to risk a good set of furniture being accidentally ruined. I’m also wondering if anyone might know the value of this set? I’ll post pictures. Appreciate any input!

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