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Simultaneous Output Shower Valves; Reliable Faucet Brands

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago


We are currently in the process of building and are facing some uncertainty regarding our faucet brand selections. We have looked into other brands such as Riobel, but we are concerned about the idiosyncrasies we have read about on the web.

We thought we found a Hansgrohe rough-in shower valve that would allow for simultaneous output to two outputs, but a showroom person indicated that this brand did not have simultaneous output. Hence our increasing uncertainty.

We would like to have the option to use the rainhead and the wand simultaneously on occasion, but we are unsure of the water pressure requirements needed to accommodate this along with other activities like flushing the toilet or using the kitchen sink. Is there a standard water pressure range?

While we are familiar with thermostatic valves, we are interested in finding the lowest tech option that can do two output simultaneously, even if we do not need temperature control that the thermostatic category provides. Is volumetric the lowest common denominator for the multi-output feature “that we think we need”.

Is it safest to stick with Delta? What other reliable brands are worth considering? We have been in this selection workflow loop. If only Delta had some slightly nicer designs. :-)

Installation is also a key concern for us, as we want to avoid any potential issues caused by the plumber’s mistakes. We have read reports of Riobel diverter installation causing problems for the finish work (such as tile thickness), so we are wondering if this is a general potential problem with any brand.

We are primarily concerned with the build quality and performance for the long haul, as well as ease of installation.

We are unsure if it is the plumber or general contractor’s responsibility to ensure that things go together smoothly when different tradespeople come in. I guess both.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

All comments welcome.

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