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Advice on living room lighting desperately needed.

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I've replaced the graphic with one that has all the room measurements, except for the foyer that is 7' long.

The ceiling height is 8'. I have a 40"x60"-ish mirror and buffet lamps from my grandmother that will go on the back wall of the dining room so am not concerned about needing additional lighting there.

I'm building a house and need to tell the electrician where I want recessed lights installed in the living room, which is 14' x 16'. I'd appreciate any advice on how to best light the space to meet our needs and so there isn't a dead zone between the dining room and living room. The layout is so different from our current house that I'm struggling to visualize what makes sense. The dining room is 12' x 12' with a five-light chandelier and the foyer has a flush mount light. Ceiling is 8' high.

The TV is above the fireplace. We'll also be reading, using laptops, etc. on the sofas, so need decent but not overpowering light. The sofas may get shifted to the right so they are symmetrical with the windows, which would make a sconce a perfect solution for one sofa, and I've thought about a sofa table with a table lamp behind the other. The challenge is that I need to leave wide enough paths for someone in a wheelchair and I'm afraid these will make it feel too tight, even if they meet standard requirements.

Thank you all,

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