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Windmill palm spear pull

8 months ago

I bought this guy from a nursery in Charleston after Christmas and brought him home to Williamsburg VA area. The person at the nursery said I should wait til spring to put it in the ground, so I kept it outside in the pot. When we got overnight freezing weather I put it inside the garage and then put it out again in the daytime. Occasionally I watered it, but for the most part it rained at least once a week so I left it alone.
I went to put it in the ground today and noticed the spear in the middle was dead, and sure enough it came right out. One other frond from the side looked dead as well, but the rest of it looks relatively healthy?
I read about people putting a little hydrogen peroxide down the center, so I did that. It's in the ground now. I'm not sure what to think. Any advice please? Thanks.

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