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Considering small shrubs for front of house

2 months ago

i, we're considering azaleas for the front of the house, on either side of the stairs, and would like some feedback. We'd really like the "conversation piece azaleas" for their multi-color effect, but are concerned they wouldn't be tall enough and that the available space wouldn't be adequate for them.

We don't really like the Holly variants. Ideally we'd find something with some color, instead of an evergreen, although we've considered boxwoods. We've also considered the Aster Pink Crush, but I think it's too unwieldy for that space.

Do you have suggestions for deer-resitant shrubs suitable for zone 6A that would work here? I'd say it's a partial-sun location.

There are existing hydrangeas on the right that we'll probably keep. We'd like to consider perhaps th Aster or maybe a Weigela shrub or peonies or another colorful shrub on the left side of the house.

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