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Silestone Calacatta gold vs Toscana Cream

Lindsey Scranton
2 months ago

I am looking for feedback regarding Silestone’s Calacatta gold. To any of you that have this product, is the veining prominent enough to feel like it makes a statement, or is it just softly in the background? In some photos, the large soft gray veins appear to have darker areas around the edges along with some thinner dark gray veins making it look a touch bolder. In other photos, it appears to be solid white and I really have to strain to see the gray veins. Initially I was going to choose toscana cream, but have recently decided that I like the timeless appearance of Calacatta gold. I just want to make sure that it has some interest with enough veining. I don’t want to end up with an island with no veining that looks solid white. If any of you have photos of Silestone toscana cream or Calacatta gold in your home, I would love to see.