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Please help me pick paint.

Diana K
2 months ago

We moved into the old 1850s house about a year ago. It's gorgeous. I got a custom peacock velvet green/teal sofa and I'm having a hard time finding paint. The living room has a silvery white marble fireplace with black/grey flecks and the room has 2 windows facing south, once facing west. It gets a lot of bright light in the spring and summer.

So far I've looked at various mauves, green/greys, blue/greys and a yellow. More recently some reddish browns. I'm very much NOT a fan of pastels, greys, greiges, etc.

I always struggle with choosing paint colors. I'm scared to make a mistake and can't visualize how the colors would look, even with an app because it's always different when it's on your wall.

The last one of the couch has Behr's potters clay on the left and Behr's Light Cocoa on the right. I also got a nice yellow but didn't get a picture.

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