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Basement floor paint color

2 months ago

Hi, I need help to pick a floor paint color. I decided to simply paint the concrete floor and will be putting an area carpet on afterwards. My walls ar

are Benjamin moore Nightshade. I was thinking of painting the floors black but I am not sure if this is a good idea. I don't think I would want white floors at all. Would it look terrible if I painted the floors the same color as the walls? I had decided to paint the floors and the stairs in black but am very unsure at this point. The stairs have primer on them and really like the color on the stairs and was going to just paint them the color that you see in the photo. I painted the same color on the floor as a sample to see if it would look good but because of the lighting it did not turn out the same color as the stairs. That is why I am wondering if the floors might look ok the same color as the walls in nightshade. Its a very small basement in a townhome. I have wall art already in black and white and I have a very nice white countertop to go over the washer and dryer with a big mirror I will be hanging over the wall above the countertop.

This room will be a laundry room-massage spa room. The space is very well lit so the dark color looks really nice. I was going to put vinyl floors but I decided to simply paint the floor. Any suggestions?

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