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best wire shelving system for my small closet space?

Nurit from Boston
2 months ago

I converted my master bedroom closet into a laundry room, so now there is little space for storage (this is fine; I plan to use other closets for most of my storage), but I'm trying to figure out the best storage options for the space I have. I would prefer a wire shelving system that attaches via brackets rather than a vertical rail, but I'm not sure that will be possible. The entrance to my closet has two 14" long walls extending perpendicular to the door. On wall 1, which is opposite my dryer, I'd like to stall some shelves, preferably wire shelves. Since one end is open, is it possible to install 13.5" wide (or smaller) wire shelves with brackets? (I've attached a pic)

Wall 2 creates a strange alcove in the corner of my closet that is 14" deep and 9" wide:

perhaps I could install 9" wide, 12" deep wire shelves and attach them at the sides...?

Since I prefer brackets to rails, is there a particular brand you suggest?

I would appreciate any advice you may have. thanks! :)

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