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Layout Issues in Small Kitchen/Dining w/ Radiator

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi all, I have close-to-final plans ready to combine my small kitchen and dining room. The finished space will consist of an L-shaped perimeter with an island and a pantry/coffee bar. The kitchen will take over some square footage in the existing dining room. To complicate matters, the master suite is entered through a door in the dining room (this is an old house - it's quirky!), so traffic moves through the dining room/kitchen to that door. And complicating it even further is a large-ish (projects about a foot from the wall - the plans don't show it to scale) radiator on the back wall of the dining space.

After masking out the kitchen in the demo'ed space, I realized the dining table and chairs are going to be quite tight. So I started thinking about what alternatives might exist. Do I replace the radiator with a longer, skinnier one with the same output (probably not that expensive - minimal pipes need to move) or move it somewhere else in the room (probably pretty expensive due to piping and also, radiators are usually located under windows)? That would give me a little more wiggle room. Do I try to make a banquette, either built in or with furniture, against the back wall? And then have no chairs on the opposite side of the table? (That may be hard with a radiator there, even if its skinnified; plus there are standard-height double hung windows that might not allow for much of a seatback?) What else could I do? Budget is a consideration for sure... found out I need a new foundation under another part of the house when we pulled up the floors, so a hefty chunk of my overage is gone!

I attached the plans (of the full combined space and detail on the kitchen) and photos of the demoed space from both angles (the area with the exposed studs will be the kitchen, and the area that's drywalled is the dining room). The kitchen plans have changed slightly since this (the garbage will now be next to the sink, not behind the dishwasher) but they are pretty final save for possibly slightly increasing the aisles, so while I know I'm bound to get unsolicited advice (that's just the Houzz way!), I'm not throwing this out and starting over.

Relevant dimensions: Just under 10 feet from end of island to back wall and dining room is just under 14 feet long. The door to the master is located just under 5 feet from the back wall.

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