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Landscape, curb appeal ideas for small front yard in New England

11 months ago

Looking for recommendations on what to plant in the open space to the right of the front steps. We’re in New England and this side of the house gets sun by about noon. I’m thinking tall ornamental grass with some color or a small tree but have no knowledge of what is safe to plant that close to the house.

The white siding block is for a dryer vent and the circular large PVC pipe with the white rock on it contains valves for the irrigation system.

We just removed hedges on either side of the front walk and plan on grass seeding the dirt strips unless there are other suggestions. We had a very dry summer last year so the current grass isn’t in great shape. I’d consider reseeding or laying sod on the entire front if I can convince my partner that it’s worth the work and expense.

We’ll likely be selling the home within the next year so we don’t want to spend too much money but any minor curb appeal suggestions also appreciated. I’m planning on painting the front door naval blue and replacing the mailbox soon.

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