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Round 2 -- Please Criticize Second Round of Floor Plan Drawings

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I posted a thread on here previously and got some good advice. I tried to take into consideration as much as I could from that thread. I worked with an architect friend of mine and we settled on a different house shape given the narrow size of the lot.

Here is a link to the plan we are working from --

Let me know your thoughts on our floor plan. It is about 2,100 square feet.

Notes on the First Floor:

  • Two living areas and large dining room are a priority
  • We do not need a mudroom -- we take off all shoes in the garage
  • We loathe open concept
  • We are mid 30s with two young kids; will convert family to first floor bedroom if need be in 40-50 years if we are still here; but don't want to design our house around first floor living if that won't be a need for a long period of time

Notes on the Second Floor

  • The office will be an office/guest suite; I am contemplating adding a closet but I think my property taxes will be lower if this is not an official bedroom
  • The reason the office is there is to give some separation between kids and master
  • Little worried about laundry in a front window but I can't decide where else to put it

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