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Pricing comparison between finishes to resurface small inground?

2 months ago

We just moved into a home with a small inground pool and spa that both have a plaster finish that has reached the end of its life. (It's appx 15 years old).

When we built our previous home in 2007, we used Pebbletec for our pool, but I'm sure the cost of it, just like for all construction materials, has probably gone through the roof.

We are in coastal GA and I am trying to get just a ballpark of around how much the following would be if the spa is around 200' and the pool is around 1000'. (Even an est sf cost would be helpful.)

1. Pebbletec

2. Plaster

3. Tile

I'd also like to know about how long each of the above would last.

Another question I have is about glass tile. I absolutely love the look of iridescent glass tile, but definitely cannot afford to do a lot of the pool in that. Can I get some ideas of how to incorporate glass tile? Accents at the waterline? Edge strips for the steps? The pool is in full sun. Will the reflection off of a glass tile overflow or on the seats of the spa be blinding? Do the people who have or work with glass tile wish they'd chosen something else? I've read it can be sharp for seating areas. and it seems to be kind of wasted at the waterline because you can't see it very well and it's in shadow most of the time.

Thanks so much for any help and guidance you can provide! (Sorry, this is the only photo I have.)

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