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Bare root roses in large pots

Iowa Blooms z 5
2 months ago


I came home from Costco with two bare root Moonlight in Paris roses. I plan to grow them in pots since I have no deer protected garden space left in my yard. Also have read online they are only hardy to zone 6 so I will probably try to overwinter them in these pots.

From what I have read, now is an appropriate time to plant bare root roses in the ground in my zone 5b Iowa area. Would it be ok to plant in pots too? The pots are 22 inch diameter, 18 inches high. We may even still get snow this weekend so I am thinking of putting them out during the day but move back to garage overnight. Then I wonder when its ok to leave the out overnight...once frost chance is past?

Also, I have a potted rose that survived over winter in my garage that I now take out during the day. Similarly wondering if I should wait until frost danger is over until I leave it outside overnight.

What do you all think?

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