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Need curb appeal on our 1962 Dipsy Split

Susan Bauer
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We love our neighborhood and the inside of our not like the outside. We want to modernize while still keeping with the vibe of the neighborhood. Not looking to alter the structure, just the windows, doors, siding materials, etc.

We do not like anything about the outside of our house.

We no longer want shutters.

We no longer want white windows/casings and maybe not even double hung windows.

We do not want vinyl siding that looks like vinyl siding.

We want to incorporate cedar plank.

We want a wooden front door and garage doors to match the wood used within the siding.

On the side of our house with the driveway, we are going to replace the 2 small side-by-side rectangular windows near the top of the wall with an entire wall window. I want something reminiscent of industrial elementary school windows from the same period - I have included photos of windows I like for this space. I am also including photos of surrounding homes and ideas of things we like

If I could render, I would have this all solved. I am looking for help putting my ideas all together as I get a bit overwhelmed and do not have graphic design skills. Please help.

Here are some before and after photos in the same arena as where we want to be.

Here are doors we like. The garage doors would be in the same style as the front door. We would like the front door either to be a double door, or an extra wide door with glass panel on side and/or top.

Here is the vibe of how we want to add a "window wall" to the side of the house. I love windows. They do not need to open. If they open, they should open side to side, crank out, or be awning windows. We want the window wall windows to each individually open, or as many of them as possible. They do not all need to be the same size either.

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I love different materials. Open to wood plank either horizontal or vertical, brick of any color that works. Blue stone for any walkways, black or dark grey casings on windows - no white windows.

PLEASE HELP @ourfarmhouse

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