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Location of Drain and Shower Head in Shower

Tony Dickson
2 months ago

I recently built a house in Fort Myers Beach. When doing our inspection, we found out that the shower head and faucet are on a different side vs the origional floor plan. The Drain is in the correct spot.. but not the water supply. My builder is just kinda shrugging his shoulders and kinda given me the indication that they would hit me with a fee to fix all this. As it is now, I have to walk into the shower as the door is on the same side as the shower head. I am trying ot figure out why they did this? Did the mess up... is there a code that says the water supply can't be behind fixed glass? Bottom line is this... they did not contact me that they had to change the plan. I mean, it is functional.. but this is a 2mil house.. and my wife is really not happy. Can anyone provide some guidance on this>

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