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Love this paint color! What sheen and ceiling color do I use?

2 months ago

We are going for a traditional prewar vibe in a very small full guest bathroom that will have white subway tiles halfway up the wall. I'm in love with Farrow and Ball drop cloth for the walls and ceiling.

1.) What sheen looks the best paired with shiney white subway tile - high sheen for consistency with the tile or more matte for contrast with the tile? FB has 7% or 20%. (7% modern antifungal bathroom line, 20% is eggshell non-bathroom line. I don't care about antifungal properties, I've never had mold or mildew in a bathroom and the shower will be infrequently used.)

2.) I love walls and ceiling the same color, especially in small space. Because ceilings always look darker my architect suggested painting the ceiling a lighter color so it looks like it matches. A good solution would be to cut the ceiling paint 50% but Farrow and Ball does not and I'm not sure I trust our painters to do it well. Should I just paint the ceiling drop cloth color too or use one of the other shades in the same color family on the fan deck, like shaded white, shadow white, or schoolhouse white for the ceiling?

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