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Front loader *with* ample water

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Long-time reader/laundry-freak that finally joined as a member :)

I’m looking for a front-load washer that actually uses water (I know, I’m asking for a lot!). I know to fiddle with the intake valve on some machines, but hoping to find something that willl work out of the box.

Do any exist with:

- lots of water for washing blankets

- 30” depth or less

- 4.2-4.5 cu. ft (family of 5). Open to going a bit smaller if needed

- preferably internal heater (is that just Miele & Bosch?)

- allergen cycle if possible

- no LG or Samsung please (they seem to need repair too often, according to our local appliance rapir shop that’s been around for decades)

I don’t need fancy digital. Would a Speed Queen residential fit most of what I’m looking for?

I’m open to all ideas, as my landlord is willing to split the cost with me if I can give him some models in the next day or so (looking for an electric dryer, too, but that’s easier than a washer) .

Thanking anyone in advance for any advice or info.

-Andrea and family

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