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Tought Decision ...Moving with or Leaving a cat behind

anonymus with cat
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I've been force to face a decision that is very hard to make for me... At the moment I live with my parents and waiting for my documents that will allow me to leave the country and move back to EU from US.

Two years ago my parents got themselves a dog and later on , a cat which they hoped would be theirs but the moment we met he curled up on my arm wrapping his tail around it and slept soundly , and since then we were never apart . They wished for this cat to be their just like the dog , but in reality this cat became my only friend as i am very antisocial and have high anxiety , and he is the only ally in this household since my parents are emotionally abusive and very much toxic and my cat despises them as do i and that's where the problem comes in ... I want to move away from them , and i want to move far away as i can't afford lifestyle of US and i miss my home in EU (as well as my 2 year partner is living there and that's where i will move in) and i want to take my best friend with me but my step father put an absolute "no" for the option of taking the cat with me because moving the cat would be animal @buse (for the context , they bought a cat from far away and he already experienced the flights with a long distance). Since i ve been told this i cant look at my cat without crying , because i don't want to harm him but i don't want to leave him where he feels threatened and not comfortable ... I am not a full time student but when i need to go to my studies he becomes even more shut in and mostly tries to sleep in otherwise crying and searching for me. I am tearing apart and I dont know what to do ... I've read here that cats are attached to places and they can get over it very well... but what do i do in this situation , please help .. at the moment cat is 2 years old if this is needed...

Thank you for your time.

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