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triangle or zone how do I design a kitchen?!

2 months ago

We are in the process of remodeling our house, a 1965 ranch, and I can’t design my own kitchen! I have added a walk in pantry, and I like it. It has natural light, there will be pull out shelves for the canning equipment, mixer, toaster etc and a wall of cabinets for food storage.

But in the kitchen I cannot tell if my sink is too far away from range and if my refrigerator being in the walk area to the pantry is a bad idea. Groceries will come in from the mudroom door, go into the pantry and the freezer and the refrigerator right there.

My other problem is where to put my sink and dishwasher. I need an upper for dishes, and my dishwasher is usually to the right of my sink, but there is no room on that side, with the refrigerator etc.

The range has to be in the island or in the right side wall because of venting. The roof is inches from the ceiling and it is too narrow to get a hood pipe up and thru it.

I can move the windows if needed, but would rather not. They look out to the front of the house and look good in their positions from the exterior. But symmetry with the sink in the middle window seems important to me.

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