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Marq Upholstery Experiences

Anna G
2 months ago

I was looking for input or experience from anyone familiar with Marq upholstery furniture. They are affiliated with Hooker Furniture and make more mid century/modern furniture. I believe they are mid-range price wise, and was hoping for an estimated range.

I am interested in the following 2 sectionals.

Quinton 791 sectional (

MacKinkey 680 sectional (

How would these compare to the Jones Modular sectional from Maiden Home ( 148" / Right:115"&finish=One Finish&currentFabric=performance-textured-linen&currentType=l-sectional)? I like the Jones Modular, but dislike the arm shape and far prefer the track arms on the Marq options.

Thank you all for your help.