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Sod installation question

2 months ago

I'm in the Atlanta area (zone 7B). My Bermuda lawn is now mostly moss and bare spots, primarily because the trees have grown so large that we just don't get enough sun to keep the Bermuda grass happy. We need to resod the entire front lawn (~1100 sq ft) and some parts of the back lawn (maybe ~ 800 sq ft). To redo the entire front, back lawn and the large side lawn would bring us to over 8,500 sq ft. (The side lawn is doing very well, and I wouldn't otherwise consider replacing it. It is on the "other side" of the driveway from the front lawn, so I'm guessing it could remain as is.) $$$$$! One of the contractors who has promised a bid has suggested that we could replace just sections of the back lawn. He is proposing using Zeon Zoysia. Does anyone have exprience with replacing just portions of a Bermuda lawn with Zoysia? Any input on any aspect of this project? Many thanks for any words of wisdom, and any photos that show a "part-job" would be helpful.