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A question about Chamblee’s Roses

2 months ago

Forgive me if this question was posted and discussed previously. I just called on my Chamblee’s order because it is long overdue. I was told they were hit by that recent North Texas tornado and experienced big damage but are now getting up to speed and shipping April 1.

The girl on phone knew little about roses, being new, but said their roses were grafted. 😢. Last year when I ordered Chicago Peace I requested grafted; in my opinion most HT roses do best grafted. This year I wanted my roses OR which is always my preference if the rose is happy as an OR. I assumed my 3gal. roses would be OR. Now I am not sure and could not get an answer. Am I crazy or in the past weren’t Chamblee roses always OR unless you made a special request? I cant imagine keeping a Dr. Huey grafted rose happy for long in my 24” pots. 😱

Thanks Folks

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