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Bathroom faucet update ( Leave it alone or change)

11 months ago

They just installed the faucets today. I put the polished nikel one in my downstairs bathroom. I have to say although pretty...I think it might fall a little flat looking? I knew in my heart I wanted to do the " champagne bronze " but I was " afraid! " I thought it would be " too" much gold bc I did it in my kitchen.
I also thought it would add more visual interest to add another metal besides the" black and or gold white lighting " that I have planned on using throughout my home. I still may have a chance to switch it out to the one I put upstairs? Which is on a black & gold vanity.
right now. I thought the P.N. Faucet would look good w the "Black PN & Gold" light that I have. (It's also bigger so it might look better on a vanity versus a pedestal sink?) Ihave been at this for months ( as most who see my post know!) but I'm almost there and will show better pic's when complete but for now I attached a few to show the faucet. I haven't put the light up yet but that's the one that " could " go upstairs? Do I stay or Nay

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