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Blooming in the greenhouse today, but no daylilies

As per Kay's request, here are some flowers (not daylilies though) blooming in the greenhouse today. Since Bob retired, he has enjoyed spending more time puttering around in his greenhouse.

This is the flower spike coming on Aechmea 'Fia Variegata'.

Here's what it looks like when the spike expands. FYI, in the bromeliad world, the inflorescence is called a spike, not a scape. The flowers are the little blue things coming out of the the berries.

This is an orchid called Epidendrum radicans. It is a reed-stemmed orchid. The flowers are quite small.

This is Wallisia cyanea. This is a rather common bromeliad, often seen in plant shops. It used to be called Tillandsia cyanea with the nickname 'Pink Quill'. This particular plant is a variegated one.

This is the inflorescence of Musa 'Royal Red'. This banana is not edible.

This is Hibiscus schizopetalus. The plant in the background is Musa velutina, another indedible banana. The fruits, the little pink things, are filled with white fiberous pith and seeds.

This hibiscus is an offspring of the schizopetalus. It's one of my favorites--a small flower.

As far as the daylilies are concerned, Tom Adams is putting up a scape. Positive Introspection is putting up a rebloom scape too. When they bloom, I will post photos.


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