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Help - Tile layout and pattern problem!

2 months ago

Please help troubleshoot the tile install problems below. We're meeting with our architect tomorrow for an hour and I want a succinct plan to give her. This bathroom is part of a much larger project that is 75% complete. We are not changing contractors nor architects. Starting the entire tile bathroom again is not an option for us. The architect isn't the smartest, which is why I need you guys! We want a classic looking, NYC prewar, traditional vibe. Please help trouble shoot these problems.

Vertical border will be removed, not supposed to be here. What new pieces should be use to carry the design around the left edge of this wall? Bull nose? Radius? They'll also have to take out parts of the tiles to the right in order to replace half cut tiles with full cut tiles. Does it look terrible to pluck individual pieces out? Should they remove the whole wall of tile and start over? What are the pros and cons of that?

Wing wall edge is 4 3/4", not great but we're not changing it. Stacked is too modern for us and we want a bond instead. All pieces will need to be cut down from 3x6. Yikes. What pieces need to be purchased for this? Bullnose, radius? How can bond be achieved?

Vertical border need to be removed because tiles were not lined up well. (Architect's fault not installers.) Perhaps we should get rid of the border? But there is one next to the window on the other side of the shower. Do we do bond again wrapped to the narrow edge walls? Same quesitons and problems as sink side.

Will post window issues in comments below as this is getting long! Thanks in advance for your help.

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