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Shorter runnels?

11 months ago

Our kitchen is coming together - I am doing a 24" sink in a 36" base, and shifting it to the right (you can see the template in place below - the faucet will be centered on the window.) My design has always had the runnels to the right of the sink, and I had hoped to have the coffeemaker to the left. I am realizing that's in great part because that's how it has been in our kitchen for the last 20 years, due to the short backsplashes and lack of counter space, and am now wondering if I should reverse it. A newer factor is that I found a great deal on a new coffeemaker, a moccamaster, and it won't fit or look right on the left now, anyway, so will probably have to go to the right.

There is about 11" between the fridge panel and the sink - would a set of shorter runnels on the left be the choice here? Or longer on the right? Or, both? I have 48" of counterspace on the right of the sink, counters will be soapstone.

(respectfully, please don't offer suggestions to tear it all out or tell me how much my kitchen sucks - I have a small quirky kitchen and we are thrilled with the renovation and how it's going to improve our kitchen 1000% - my question is about the runnels.)

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