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My boss is intent on painting 2 quite narrow shop dressing rooms

Sue Imray
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I work at an elite golf professional shop. We have 2 dressing rooms - fairly long and narrow. My boss wants to paint the rooms to match a series of posters we've bought that will be interchanged from time to time. The walls/ceiling are currently white. The carpet can't be changed!

The posters are fabulous (if you're a golfer) but with a typical golf club yellow/grey check carpet, I have no idea how to pull it together. He keeps talking pastels but I'm not so sure. I was thinking a grey but, despite the fact that I merchandise the shop, I'm really in the dark on this one!

Can anyone find a way of making this work??

If there is a paint solution, how many of the walls should be painted?

He also want to add a small ottoman to each room for clothes or handbags to be rested on. Sorry this is such a long post!!

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