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Bathroom vanity light problem

2 months ago

My contractor ran into a pipe when he was making an opening to install the vanity light. He advised us of this and told us he could move the opening over to the left. He said it would be 1-11/2"off center and would not be noticeable. The vanity is 48" and with the spacer is 49". Well he went ahead and made a new opening and installed the fixture. I could tell immediately that it is off center. It is 22" from the left wall to the midpoint of the light fixture and almost 27" from the midpoint to the end of the right side.. Much more than 1"-1 1/2". Also, there is a recessed light in the ceiling that is centered over the vanity and which highlights how off center the wall fixture is. I think the contractor should remove the wall fixture and put in wall sconces, but I don't know how difficult that would be. The contractor is saying that I should get another wall fixture with a wider back panel, which I don't know how that will minimize the offset and (at least the pictures he has sent me) looks dated. It seems like side sconces would deal with the offset, but would that be very expensive. Any thoughts. I really like the light fixture, but is looks so clearly off center. I can't post pictures today, but will as soon as possible.

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