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LVP flooring

2 months ago

Well DH and the cats have slopped one too many times on the carpet in our walkout lower level living area. Even Forex won't get the latest stain out. The last stain didn't really come out either so I moved the furniture to cover it but this last slop is the final straw and the carpet has to go. It's one of the last expanses of carpet that hasn't been replaced with wood. This is a large room (and a hallway) probably 625 square feet. Much as I love wood floor (and have it upstairs) I think LVP would be good for this room and presumably less expensive. I visited friends in FL recently and really liked theirs though it was too gray for my situation. We also had it in our rental down there and that was weird - had kind of a hollow sound when you walked on it - presumably it was cheaper than the stuff at friends' home.

So what do I need to know about this product and what is a good brand? I have golden oak woodwork in this house (which I'm fine with) but I need flooring that goes with it; i.e. brown not gray. There is also some tile by the doors to the patio, in the bar area and by the fireplace - not sure what to do about that. I guess I wouldn't mind getting rid of it or I could keep it - doesn't really matter to me. The carpet in the bedrooms adjacent to the hall will stay along with the bathroom tile. I want flush unions between these different surfaces - not some kind of lump/ridge. So what can you tell me?

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