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fruit trees, bark peeling and wood cracking

brano rataj
11 months ago
last modified: 11 months ago

i am noticing damage to my fruit trees this spring. most noticeable is on this 10 year old peach tree. bark drying and peling, exposed wood is dry and cracked. most affested is main trunk but similar going on on the branches.

have similar issue starting to show on my cherry tree. affected on south exposed sides. the tree seems alive with new growth and buds, but i am worried it might not survive long. any idea? i am guessing its the sun here in colorado. any way to heal or protect at this point. and what to do about other trees in order to avoid same issue in the future? i would hat to lose this peach as it gives us great big peaches on most years.

any advice appreciated. i am in Colorado, Denver area. attaching images of affested tree.


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