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HVAC GeoComfort Geothermal High Carbon Dioxide readings and odd smells

2 months ago

This is a longshot to get help on Houzz, but I'm at wits end. We had a new Geocomfort geothermal system and heat exchanger installed Jan 30. For 10 days it ran fine, it took some getting used to because it forces more air, but the air doesn't seem as hot as the 21 y.o. natural gas furnace we had.

On Feb 9 we had a RenewAire air recovery ventilator installed. This was to hopefully help with a) high humidity b) thermal bridging c) ghost marks on ceilings d) my health and historical migraines.

I started to notice odd chemical smells, my throat burns a little, my head feels buzzy, and whenever I check the air quality on the EcoBee, it is in the moderate to high - open the windows levels. Sometimes I feel sick to my stomach, I feel like I am being poisoned.

The HVAC people have been here 2x. True to form, we can never emulate the smell or the warning levels when they are here. On March 20 the level got so high my husband and I both felt sick and the EcoBee said to open doors and windows. It was 9:30 p.m. and we are in Wisconsin, weather that isn't exactly open the windows and get fresh air.

I have been sleeping with my window open by my side of the bed because I cannot stand the smell at times. My office has the worst of the smell when it is happening, and we have run a scope in the vent and don't find anything too alarming.

HVAC techs swear none of their equipment can be increasing the carbon dioxide levels. We've tried to simulate by running gas water heater, gas fireplace, etc..., but to no avail, it doesn't happen while they are here. It typically happens about 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Any ideas? I'm regretting this very expensive purchase at this point.

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