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Cafe range and Bosch dishwasher

2 months ago

I’m in the analysis paralysis stage of shopping for appliances. Our electric range will be next to our dishwasher. This is the best way to maximize our space and set up. I love the cafe line, but am considered about the reviews for the dishwasher. I really want the 800 series Bosch, but don’t want to get the entire appliance set (my mom does not like her newly purchased Bosch oven). Does anyone have different appliance brands next to each other in your kitchen? If so, can you add photos?

Also open to any experiences with the cafe dishwasher or recommendations. I plan to look into having a Bosch 800 series panel ready dishwasher, but not sure of availability at this time. Kitchen renovation is scheduled to begin in June, so I have time.

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