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Glossy Florida Tile for Bathtub Alcove

2 months ago

I am removing the original one piece bathtub/shower in my main bathroom. I am going to replace it with an alcove bathtub and have the walls tiled in 12" x 24" all the way up to the ceiling. I have went to few local flooring stores and am surprised to find myself liking a glossy porcelain tile by Florida Tile. I thought it would be to modern for my log home. All my colors are so warm maybe it the glossy tile is bringing something it is missing. The pic is my bathroom. I am not replacing the bathroom floor but I am going to stain the grout a light color. The 2nd & 3rd pic is the Florida Tile new Tempo line in a White Cotton Glossy Curve. It is 3 dimensional and has brown veining in it. The last pic is from their Enchant line in Grace...which is basically a beige. They both have a marble look to them and I would definitely try to use a grout that is the exact same color. The problem is that I am finding very few examples online of anyone else using this tile in their projects. And does it even look good? I know I need to go to the Florida Tile showroom and have them pull several tiles out so I can a mini wall of them or they may have a larger display. I have already made that mistake sample tile is not a good indicator of it's true colors.