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Is there any hope for this kitchen layout?

last year
last modified: last year

We would like a bigger, more functional kitchen. Budget $100k in PNW.

Old kitchen:

-Small, cramped. Not enough storage or counter space.

-No stove venting!

-Closed off from main living area at front of house

Willing to:

-Use dining area for main kitchen area

-Turn old kitchen into a butlers pantry or other creative use?

Cannot/don't want to:

-Remove walls (original plan called for removing the wall between rooms but it's load bearing and very expensive to engineer because we have a basement below)

-We do not want to change windows if at all possible. They provide the best natural light and views in the house, though the dining room windows are floor to ceiling which presents huge contraints


-Peninsula seating?

-Open to front living area (new dining room moves into our very large front living area)

Old kitchen layout and whole floor layout and dimensions are in the photos. Do I need to provide any other information? We only plan to reuse the stove/oven. Everything else goes.

Thank you!

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