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Does anyone here have a PO Box?

Tina Marie
11 months ago

We have had a PO Box for more than 25 years. We got one when we rented for a year as our house had sold (quickly!) and we were building. Once we moved to our new home, we realized we liked having a PO Box and kept it. I'm thinking we started out paying around $36 for a box. Last year our fee was $88. A few weeks ago we got our renewal fee and it had jumped to $224! My husband stopped in at the PO one day to ask if that was correct. We really thought a mistake had been made on our renewal notice (HA!!). We were informed that our little incorporated city is a "desirable" place to live (well YES! for those who do not want to live in one of the 3 big cities surrounding us but close to things) so our PO box fee was going up.

To me, this is CRAZY. We've talked with a couple of friends in nearby cities and their yearly cost was less than what we paid last year. Wouldn't you think the fees would be pretty similar in all areas? Or maybe I am crazy for assuming that.

We bought a mailbox. At least the box will go across the street (must be on that side of the road), which is wooded property, no home(s). It's just the principle of the matter.

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