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primulas - what do you grow?

2 months ago

I love the primrose family (apart from p.vialii) and despite having the wrong soil and the wrong climate, I always try to grow a new (to me) variety every year. They are generally easy and reliable from seed and I accept the inevitable fails. My workhorses are usually the vernales group - cowslips, oxslips et al. and I also have (too) many auriculas.

Checking my seedlings (which I do several times a day), I see stylophorum (can't remember which one) is up along with this years surprise primula - p.chionanthus. It is considered to be an 'easy to grow' variety. I am going to slip a few in under the ceanothus between geranium nodosum 'Silverwood' and tiarella 'Raspberry Sundae' and hope for the best. As usual.

Primula are a huge and diverse genus. There are some really good US varieties, not just the exotic Asiatics, so who else has fallen under the spell of these gorgeous plants. How do you grow them?

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