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Spring Cleaning

last year

It has finally stopped raining long enough for me to work in the gardens a bit. Besides general cleaning, I:

gave the Oregano and Thyme a haircut;

cut back the Lemon Verbena;

cut the Chives back to their growing base;

and planted some Dill seed - I hope to do a succession planing and see how that works.

I have a "wild' stand of Italian Parsely and I'm wondering if it self-seeded for another year. If not then I guess I will buy some new plants later on.

I didn't get any seed last year from my Presto Pesto Basil, so I will also look for that. Except for that one variety, I always just buy my Basil plants from the local nursery.

The Lavender and Rosemary are looking very good, and both are getting ready to bloom. The bees will be happy.

What are you doing for Spring?

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