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Prestige Proline hood - what blower do I need

I am doing a complete kitchen reno and will have a 36” induction cooktop. I will do some wok and meat searing on the largest burner which is in the middle/back area. Hood size can’t exceed 36” wide. Need the hood to be at least 36” above the cooktop. I’m tall and hate it when it gets in the way. I was considering the Prestige proline hood after reading about it on here. 36” * 30” * 18”

I need to figure out what size blower I need. External is not an option and inline seems way too expensive. So my choices are 600 or 1200 CFM internal blower. Also not sure if I need MUA system. My house was built in 1942 and leaks like a sieve. I can feel the breeze coming in by the windows. Lol
Would appreciate any suggestions or other options for hood if you think another would be more suitable.
Thank you